KAJV & Fermi Research Alliance FSCF Excavation – Fermilab Long Baseline Neutrino Facility, Lead, SD. Far Site Conventional Facilities Project. Undergound excavation and underground infrastructure.

Client: Fermi Research Alliance (FRA)

Date: November 2020 – Present

The FSCF Project is for the excavation and construction of the three caverns at the 4850 level and connecting drifts. Two of the Caverns measure 500’ Long x 92’ Height x 65’ Width and the third cavern will measure 625’ Long x 36’ Height x 64’ Width. TMI will excavate about 800,000 tons of rock in the construction of the three caverns.

For more information on this project please visit the Fermilab LBNF project site here

A joint organization news release:  click here
Ore Pass Construction:  click here
Raisebore Completion:   click here

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