Thyssen Mining | Shaft Sinking

Thyssen Mining has been sinking shafts worldwide for over 100 years. Whether it’s using conventional drill and blast methods or innovative mechanized systems, Thyssen Mining’s techniques continue to excel and grow as technology advances and safety standards increase. Thanks to our skilled and experienced workforce, as well as our specialized shaft sinking equipment and strategic shaft plant arrangements, Thyssen Mining has successfully sunk shafts through complex strata. Our customized shaft sinking plants and hoisting arrangements have allowed Thyssen Mining to stay at the top of the shaft sinking world with competitive advance rates that integrate both existing and innovative shaft sinking methods, while holding safety and quality to the highest standards. This ensures that Thyssen Mining not only protects our workforce, but also outperforms our competitors.

“Thyssen Mining strives to be North America’s contractor of choice.”
Thyssen Mining Executive Management
“Safety is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.”
Thyssen Mining Safety Manager