• Project:  Cigar Lake Project (Canada)
  • Client:  Cameco Corporation
  • Date:  May 2011 – Present

Mudjatik Thyssen Mining has completed a variety of projects at Cigar Lake Operations, such as shaft sinking, mine development and underground construction, as well as de-watering and mine remediation. In addition to current mine development and support activities, recent completed projects include the ROMs storage facility (2011-2013, – 470 tons of structural steel, 265 tons of rebar, 4700 cubic yards of concrete) and outfitting of production tunnels which feed the UG ROMs storage and handling facilities. Mudjatik Thyssen Mining is a joint venture between Thyssen Mining and Mudjatik Enterprises; a joint venture of First Nations Bands and Métis communities. MTM is devoted to providing Northern Saskatchewan residents and communities the opportunity to participate in and benefit from Saskatchewan’s uranium industry.

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