Who Is Thyssen Mining

THYSSEN MINING’S VISION IS TO BE THE PREMIER UNDERGROUND DEVELOPMENT CONTRACTOR IN NORTH AMERICA. To reach that goal, Thyssen strives to continuously improve on safety, quality and cost effectiveness, while satisfying the needs of our clients, employees and shareholders.
The success of our business is due entirely to the dedication and experience of our people. Our senior staff offers a wealth of experience in all aspects of underground mining, obtained all over the globe. Our supervisory and mining personnel combines many years of experience with a youthful attitude and an eagerness to learn and stay ahead of the game. We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled workforce and the willingness to pass these skills on to the next generation of miners. We strive to treat all our people and our clients with respect, fairness and integrity.
THYSSEN MINING‘S LEADING EDGE GROUND FREEZING TECHNIQUES SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED SINKING THE FIRST FROZEN SHAFT IN THE U.S. (2014). Thyssen Mining continues to lead the field in shaft sinking through unconsolidated overburden, utilizing freezing techniques. By means of ground freezing, Thyssen Mining’s most recent world-class project undertaken in northern Nevada, is the design and construction of a 2,050 ft deep and 26 ft diameter ventilation shaft.
Thyssen Mining combines the underground development and mining expertise of Thyssen Mining with the resources of numerous local communities, in a number of successful joint ventures (”JVs”). Thyssen Mining’s JVs have been involved in all underground and operating mine development and continues to do so today, providing jobs, training and wealth to the participants.
Thyssen Mining partners with other members of the Thyssen group, bringing a wealth of expertise and equipment manufacturing resources depending on the location and scope of our projects:

Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH, based in Germany, with extensive expertise in shaft sinking, drilling and shaft boring applications;

CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group, based in Val-d’Or, Quebec, with expertise in long hole drilling, equipment manufacturing and general mining contracting; and

Byrnecut Mining
, one of the largest underground mining contractors in Australia, specializing in trackless mine development, production and shaft sinking.

Our History

THYSSEN MINING started in the early nineteen sixties in Saskatchewan’s potash mines, under the name of Associated Mining Construction (AMC). Operations commenced with a contract to sink a shaft by means of the freezing technique and lining the shaft with cast iron tubbing. In 2012, Thyssen Mining embarked and succeeded in sinking the first shaft in the United States utilizing ground freezing techniques.

Thyssen Mining maintains a modern, technologically advanced equipment fleet and an experienced, well-trained workforce – providing safe, cost effective solutions to our clients.

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A Leading Full-Service Underground Mining Contractor

Thyssen Mining Construction of Canada Ltd. (”Thyssen Mining”) is a leading full-service underground development and mining contractor providing a comprehensive range of services to North America with plans for future expansion into South American markets. As a subsidiary of Thyssen Schachtbau International B.V. and as part of a world-wide team, Thyssen Mining offers shaft sinking, tunneling, civil construction, ground freezing, raise boring, mine development, and contract mining services to our clients.

Thyssen Mining Construction of Canada Ltd. is part of the Thyssen Group of companies. Originating in Germany in the early 1900’s, this group has sunk over 300 shafts worldwide and developed thousands of miles of tunnels, ramps and drifts.

Our Commitment

Thyssen Mining’s commitment is to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations by working safely, on time and within budget. We achieve this by employing well-trained and qualified personnel, bringing the right team together to meet the clients’ requirements and by providing dedicated support and service to our projects. The latter consists of site training and inspections by our safety personnel, prompt field service by our maintenance technicians, centralized human resources and purchasing services, technical suppport provided by our engineering department and daily interaction with Thyssen Mining senior management.