Dedicated to Safety

Working closely with equipment suppliers and clients to make mining safer and more cost effective.

Innovative Mining

Thyssen Mining is a leading innovator in introducing new technology and methods to the mining industry.

Quality Services

Providing a wide range of services to the mining industry with a reputation for quality and an innovative approach.

Lead Contractor

Thyssen Mining is a leading mining contractor in the US and Canada and a world leader in shaft sinking.

Our Reputation


Innovative With All Projects

Thyssen Mining has been successfully involved in projects across North America and is currently providing numerous contracting services.


Dedicated To Our Clients

From the sinking of the first shaft to the present, Thyssen Mining has been privileged to work with many mining companies in Canada and across the world.


Passionate About The Environment

We are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that operations and personnel do not create any significant negative impact to the environment.


Responsible Towards Safety

Continuing to provide the safest mining environment and well-managed workplace for employees and for clients is one of Thyssen Mining’s primary objectives.

Mining Services

Shaft sinking & freezing

Noted for its expertise in shaft sinking, Thyssen Mining has the experience and capability to sink shafts through any type of ground. Expertise in timber and concrete lined shafts, sinking frozen shafts with either concrete, steel or cast iron linings.

Mine rehabilitation and dewatering

Major ground stabilization and water control programs have been carried out over the years including both freezing and grouting. The most sophisticated of these was undertaken in the sinking of the Saskatchewan potash shafts.

Mine Development

As one of the first North American contracting companies to become involved in raise boring, Thyssen Mining has been providing raise boring services to the mining and civil construction industries since 1976.

Mine operation (production mining)

Mine development projects include: ramps, drifts, crusher stations and storage bins. All types of excavations have been carried out in strata ranging from potash, to coal, to the hard rock of the Precambrian Shield.